Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Comments for October- Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone that has left me a comment during the month of October. I would like to recognize you, and show my appreciation for reading and participating in my blog.
(If I have missed anyone, please let me know!)

Brittany from Random Thoughts, Rants, and Life
Sandee from Comedy Plus
Loni from Shloni's World (Also the author of Back Stage of MerleFest)
Melissa from Melissa's Place
Angela from Domestic Divapalooza
Ashwin from The Wow of Technology
Veloxe from Vana'diel . . . The Veloxe Story
Elise from Sparrow's House
Jade from Sweet Catastophe and Aftershocks
Linda from Making A Happy Life
Dana from The Dana Files
Your name here!

On another note, I absolutely love Blogspot's new feature of requesting all future comments to be emailed to the gmail account. I am glad to finally have this available to me. Thank you, Blogspot!

1 comment:

Jade said...

Oh! I'm glad this is a new feature and not just one I've been overlooking! lol