Sunday, September 30, 2007

Totally Fabulous Award- Thanks Morgan!

My sweet friend Morgan has given me the Totally Fabulous Award!

Morgan, I think you are wonderful. I thought this even before I became friends with you, and before you gave me this award. I have so much respect for you, for the positive changes you have made in your life. I look up to you, and I am inspired by you. Your positive attitude and motivation to do better are my goal. I love you, Honey.

This award is fairly simple to give out. Simply award it to up to five bloggers you feel are Totally Fabulous, and link back to Totally Fabulous and A Nice Place In The Sun to give credit to the original post.

I would like to award three Totally Fabulous chickas. In completely random order, I present to you, your winners:




All three of these Totally Fabulous ladies have multiple blogs which they keep updated and maintained (I only linked to one each, but you should check out the others). I met each of them randomly through the web, and I have been a loyal and happy reader to each of their blogs. These three ladies also read and comment on my own blog, and I am grateful for the blossoming and very different friendship I have developed with each one. Girls, I think think you are Totally Fabulous!

After contacting the creator of this cute little thing, I have now added it to my page. Thank you, Mike, at Ordinary Folk. And if your are looking for a graphic (cute or serious) for your own site or contest, you can contact him as well.


melissaclee said...

Thank you! You are so sweet!

Mighty Morgan said...

Thanks sweetie...I feel the same for you! Plus your so could I not love you!

Be well & Congrats