Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hannah Montana for my Cute Little Sister

My little sister is so cute. She is 13 and loves music. Since she is in middle school, she was recently caught up in the Hannah Montana action. I watched the show once, and it was pretty cute. Had a good story, cute morals, and . . . well, I'm a sucker for teeny bopper shows anyway. Shut up, you have your own guilty secrets. And don't tell anyone either.

Anyway, I found out she is coming to NC, and I could buy my little sis some Hannah Montana tickets. She will be in Greensboro and in Charlotte in November. We won't be here for the Greensboro show on the 25 (at least, she won't), but might be home in time for the Charlotte show on the 27.

She doesn't know I about it, but I'm thinking about it. She's going through that I hate being a girl cause I cry ALL THE TIME for NO REASON stage. Maybe what she needs is a night out and some big sister time.

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