Friday, October 26, 2007

How to Clean Your Bathroom in Ten Minutes

I love cleaning tips. When I found this one in a home magazine, I began using it. I have since adapted it to my own bathroom, and added my own tips. I clean my bathroom about once a week, and I have used this method for several months now.

1- Have a trash can with a bag just inside the door, or hang a trash sack on the door handle, as you enter the bathroom.

2- Use toilet bowl cleanser on the toilet first thing. Leave it.

3- Clear everything off the counter. use a cleansing wipe (I *love* Clorox Disinfecting Wipes) to wipe down the counter, sink, and outside or toilet. If you don't life cleansing wipes, you can use a damp paper towel. Throw each one into the trash can/ sack when you are finished with it.
(This is a good opportunity to mention bathroom vanities and all the organizers, ect that are out there. Use them. They will save time AND space.)

4- Wipe mirrors.

5- Clean inside of toilet. Flush.

6-(Optional) Wipe down bathtub.

7- Sweep bathroom floor. Dump dirt into trash can/ sack.

8- Use cleansing wipe (or damp paper towel) to wipe up the hair, dirt, ect in the corners of the floor. These are trouble spots, and by removing the dirt from here, you are making your floors look freshly cleaned. (Stash cleaning supplies back under the bathroom counter where you keep them handy, because you are so good like that.)

9- Wash hands, and leave bathroom. Spray freshener, if needed. As you are leaving the bathroom, tie trash sack and get rid of appropriately.

10- Enjoy your clean bathroom. Way to go!

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