Friday, October 26, 2007

I have the Power Back!

We had some electrical work done today. We are having a new furnace put in next week- a heat pump!- and needed a new electrical box to handle the electricity requirements. The electrician showed up after I left for school this morning, and was still working when I got home. I didn't think I would have any trouble being without power. I had a book to read and a puzzle to work on. The thing that bugged me, was not having the time handy. Microwaves, ovens, digital alarm clocks- they all have the time on them. Except when there is no power. I was beginning to think I should have bought a watch- one of those Skagen watches, maybe- but I hate watches. Would I be willing to wear one? Probably for a little while. Then I would take it off for the night or a shower, and it wouldn't make it back on to my wrist. I was very glad when the power was turned back on. I had a nice nap while it was off, but I was more than ready to get back to work by that time.
Once I finally got online (I had some other stuff to finish first!), I had over 53 emails in my inbox. Since about midnight last night. Good grief! I didn't realize how loved I was! <3

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