Thursday, October 18, 2007

I understand . . .

. . . now why people get really flaky after they have lost someone. Every since "that Sunday" I have had the attention spam of a two year old. I can concentrate for about five minutes, and then my mind wanders. It wanders to anything and everything- and there is no predicting where it will go. I have an English paper I am supposed to be working on. But I haven't made hardly any progress with it. I emailed what I did have to my instructor, so he could ensure I was on the right track before I write the whole thing. *sigh* It would really be nice if I could focus.

I have sent cards to both families. I have spoken a few times with members of the Church family. Although they are grieving, they seem to be doing alright. They are getting back into their routines as well as possible, and life is moving on. One of the members of the family has said several times when I speak with him that if he is having this hard of a time going through this and he believes so much in God, how could somebody who doesn't believe in God ever survive? It is amazing to me to see the strength of this family.

The kid that was driving isn't doing well at all. I hurt for him as much if not more than the Church family. See, the Church family is clear on their emotions. They are grieving the loss of a loved one. But the kid, he is not only dealing with the loss of someone, but the guilt that he was primarily involved in it as well. I haven't spoken with him or his family (yet!), but I am still offering my support. I know he has learned a great lesson from this, and I hope the rest of us have too. Just like my friend Elise said, I shouldn't let this situation NOT change me, but to improve me instead.

My grandparents got back from their overseas trip last night. I am going to call and speak with my grandpa. I know he went through something similar to this several years ago, and I'm sure he can help me with it.

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Brittany said...

Yes, seek help from your grandpa. Elise has given some great advice. You are very brave in contacting the families at all. I am just way to shy. Improve yourself!