Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So I have been searching for the telephone number to the lady that created and printed the T-shirts for my wedding. Two different "organizations" I am part of are currently searching to have T-shirts printed. One is the Cougar Cry, and the other is Windshire. I finally found her info!

Southern Expressions is a little shop located on 421 in Autrey's Market. They have a great business opportunity going on. They not only doing clothing and apparel, they sell fresh grown fruits and veggies. I love their shop. I love going in there and browsing.

Back to my point. I found her info! I am going in this weekend to discuss with her options, selection, prices, and designs. Both CC and WS will be designing their own graphics for it, so that will need to be discussed.

I can already tell you, I expect to be very pleased with all of her work.

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