Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I Should Be Doing

I'm at school, and I'm blogging. How weird is that? Well, I finished my math work, and the teacher let me go. So I'm here in the writing lab, browsing around the internet. Dangerous. Guess what I found. An online casino. I don't gamble. Anymore. I took a trip to Mesquite once. What a trip it was! My best friend Bryan and I had the trip of our dreams. Massages, shopping, and casinos. He made some serious money on the penny machines. You heard that right. And me? Well, lets just say I got sucked into the Blackjack tables. I was watching for a while. Then the dealer and nice elderly man at the table convinced me to play. I didn't have any of my own cash, so the man sponsored me. I made him his money back pretty quickly, and then got myself a nice chunk of change. I now see why people get so sucked into gambling!

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