Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cyber Monday

I love shopping on the internet. It is so dang convenient. Christmas shopping- or any shopping, for that matter- is just not fun when I spend more time in the check out line than I do shopping. Just another reason I love Cyber Monday. Online stores give awesome deals, because they know people will be cyber shopping that day. I take advantage of them when I can. Some companies give free shipping on orders over a certain amount. For example, MetBoots.com, who sell hiking boots, always has free shipping on orders over $100. Stuff like that just makes my day. It means I can shop without getting dressed up, shop while I am working on something else, shop at three in the morning. And I don't have to wait in a long checkout line. I can just wait for it to arrive, and not worry about it. Internet shopping just makes life easier.

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