Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So Much for Going Home

Hubby had his dr appt a few minutes ago. The doctor said he was improving, which is good. However, the doctor said Hubby is not ready to travel yet. So we're not going home yet. And Hubby isn't going anywhere. *sigh* The doc put him on another medication, in addition to the two the ER prescribed him. He has added an anti-biotic to his diet of liquids and bland foods.
Hubby called his boss again. His boss is going to see if he can send Hubby a laptop, so that Hubby can do some work remotely. I have been in contact with my boss, and kept him updated on what's going on. As for my schooling? I am still ahead in my classes, but getting concerned they will drop me for attendance.

One thing I have been very grateful for in this situation: that we were in Utah when it happened. From our home in NC the closest hospital is thirty minutes away. Here at Hubby's mom's (where we are staying) a hospital is five minutes away. Not only does that mean we were able to get him to a hospital faster, but there was also 25 minutes less of pain caused from turns and bumps on the road. We love our home in NC, and were blessed to be in Utah at that very moment.

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