Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hubby is doing better. He is gaining more strength each day. He will call the doctor again tomorrow to discuss how he is feeling. Once again, we are hoping for approval for him to travel. Sure, we could always disregard the doctors orders and go home anyway (and I can't say we haven't thought about it), but we don't want to A) do any permanent damage to Hubby and B) we don't want something to happen while we are traveling and have him end up in the hospital in the middle on the country where we would have no support and no help. We are playing it safe and following Drs orders. Hopefully, tomorrow, the doctor will order Hubby to make arrangements to go home. We are almost holding our breath for it.
I miss my kitties. I miss a lot of things about NC, but I really miss our babies. Even Hubby has mentioned that he misses them. Piper is going to be so happy when we get home and she is allowed to go outside again. She will probably stay away for a week, at least. And the kittens are going to be so big. They were growing so much while we were home, I can't imagine how much they will have changed after two weeks. They will probably be really excited to go outside, too.
I'm a little concerned about school. Even though I am keeping up with my classes- okay staying ahead- my instructors would be completely within the rules of the school to remove me from class. I have stayed in constant contact with all of my instructors, and so far, things look good in my favor. I just don't want any surprises when I get back.
I haven't even logged into FFXI for a week and a half. Maybe even two weeks. I miss it. Last thing I remember, I was skilling up on worms. Paralyze, Sleep II, Silence, ect. I wasn't doing any damage spells, just ones that would raise those specific skills. My elemental magic is already capped, but the others have some work to do. I need to level my WHM and my RDM too. I don't think I have partied on either of those for months. And can I just say how jealous I am that Selo is already 75 on his BLM? Words cannot express my GRRR.
I finally have the black nail polish I've been wanting. I wanted one that was dark and thick, not something that was transparent or weak on my fingers. I had acrylics for years and years, and decided I was tired of them. They are fake, costly, and a crutch. It may seem ridicules, but I have been happier without them. I now have a basic black on my nails. Easy to keep up, simple, and still makes a statement. I'm all about making statements.
It has been nice to spend so much time with my MIL lately. I absolutely love the woman. I have heard the horror stories of MILs, and I have heard of women getting along with their MIL. But I must say, I am impressed with my relationship with my MIL. She is always telling me how much she loves me and how good I am for her son and how happy she is that I am in his life and in her life. What a boost of confidence it is to hear these words- and so frequently.
I have done so much blogging lately. Have you noticed that? A lot of it is rambling, but useful rambling if nothing else. I haven't had my mind entertained by school and by my job, so it all comes down to my blog. I hope I haven't bored anyone too much. lol
*yawn* I think I'm going to go get started on supper. MIL should be home from work in an hour or so, and I'd like to have some food ready. Have a wonderful evening!


Silly Scrubs said...

I LOVE black nail polish. Unfortunatly it is the one color expressly banned at work. I love the Sally Hanson kind. It's nice to have quality black polish since it's always been mostly a cheap novelty color. I've had acrylics a few times but they always destroyed my nails though they were fun. I was bummed when I couldn't get them for my wedding because it's another thing banned by the hospital. That place is just ruining my style! Had to get rid of piericngs, narrow my hair color range... sheesh! :) Hope you and hubby get the go ahead tomorrow!

Mini said...

. . . Hmmm . . .
I'm having a hard time picturing you with your eyebrow pierced and blue hair.. .

Silly Scrubs said...

hehe I'll look for a picture!