Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Selo!

Selo birthday is tomorrow. And since I won't be posting anything this weekend, I thought I would post right now.

We are going to St George to celebrate his birthday!!!

I planned a vacation in St George for the weekend so he can relax, play, and enjoy his birthday to the fullest. We are leaving tonight after work, and coming back Sunday night.

This is the resort we are staying in. We have a two bedroom suite, with a full kitchen (with dishes!), living room, master bedroom (with king size bed!) and bath, extra bathroom, washer and dryer, and full patio. It's beautiful!

I have a couple of gifts for him to open while we are down there, and cupcakes with candles for a party. We are going to his #1 favorite restaraunt Saturday night for his actual birthday- I reserved our table a week ago.

I did a scavenger hunt Monday night, where he followed clues to find his birthday surprise. I had videos of all the clues and him finding them. (If you want to see them let me know. I have them on my YouTube account.) He went through all the clues with a smile on his face.

He says this is the best birthday present he has ever received, and I am loving seeing the smile on his face when he talks about it. I love showing him how much he is loved and appreciating him for how hard he works.

Happy Birthday Babe!!!

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