Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Thoughts of a Saturday

The highlights of my Saturday:

-Skipping a Saturday morning massage to go shopping with my sister. (Which I am still wondering what got into me.)
-Finding a rack of shirts on clearance for a dollar. A single dollar. (I bought seven. And they are dang cute.)
-Buying a dozen roses for $2 and two cute little plants for my office. (I love the after Valentine's Day sales.)
-Failing at my goal to finally accomplish the grocery shopping I was supposed to do last week to go see my mother's soon-to-be new home in Toelle. (Definitely wondering what my thought process was with that one.)
-Getting lost in Toelle.
-Almost being run over by a poodle no taller than my ankle, a poodle shorter than my knees, and two huge black poodles that came up to my waist.
-Finally getting back home after picking my husband up from work. (That was an event in itself.)
-Going to the madhouse that used to be CompUSA. (Note: Never visit CompUSA on the last day their store will ever be open. No discount is worth it.)
-Going on a wild goose chase listening to my husband attempt to help my MIL find The Happy Sumo. I don't know who was more agitated- me included.
-Getting blown off for a meeting with my BIL to plan our next vacation. (Not that I blame him. He had screaming kids with him.)
-Blowing off Happy Sumo after being told they had an hour wait. (I tried to tell people, but they don't listen to lil ol me, now do they?)
-Going to a restaurant and having the best Chashewnut chicken I have had.

So that was my Saturday. Sometimes it's good to waste time with family and blow some money on $1 shirts and plants. It was a nice break from my lists and organization. Now, I'm going to finish my fabulous Cashewnut chicken while I watch the rest of Field of Dreams.

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