Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentine's Survey

I know, I'm totally getting into Valentine's Day. My blog is so mushy now.

1. Are you single or taken?
Taken =) We are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary next month.

2. Chocolate or flowers?
I will never turn down chocolates, and if you are going to get me flowers, I love lillies

3. Will you do anything special for Valentines Day?
I'm sure ;)

4. Do you like anyone?
I like lots of people

5. Were you dating anyone last Valentines?
I was planning my wedding!

6. What would be your dream Valentines date?
Anything my husband plans. I hate planning. lol I will be getting my dream date again this year. Isn't he wonderful?

7. Do you make a big deal about Valentines?
My husband does

8. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

9. Would you ever write someone a love letter?
Yes- we have a journal we keep for each other of reasons why we love each other and things we appreciate and . . . well all that mushy stuff.

10. Do you believe in Cupid?

11. Do your parents give you presents on Valentines?
Sometimes. Mostly my mom and my step-mom

12. Do you still send out Valentines cards?

13. Do you like candy hearts?
No, ew

14. What is something you got last Valentines?
A diamond ring!

15. Is Valentines depressing?

16. How do you feel about PDA?
As long as it is me and my husband lol

17. How is your love life?
*happy sigh* Grand

18. Have you ever been dumped on Valentines?
No, that's so cruel!

19. How many roses would you want?
I would rather have lillies.

20. Will you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend next Valentines?
Only if it is my hubby!

PS Dawg, you know you love these things!!! Come on, put it on your blog. Your readers would love it!

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