Saturday, March 22, 2008

Browsing Some Pictures

And I have no idea why I took some of them. These are pictures of tile. What to I need pics of tile for?
I found some other cool pictures, too. Look at theseMy sister, Kristine, took it. She comes up with the craziest stuff. She had her birthday yesterday, and we are giving her our old digital camera. She took a photography class in school and is really good- but has no camera. So I am hoping to help her out.Believe it or not, that's my husband there in the Santa suit. He did this at our church Christmas party for 2006. As you can tell, the missionaries had fun harassing him about it. lolAnd this is my brother stealing my sister's pixie wings on Halloween. He's such a nut.This was one of our kittens, before we found homes for them. They were just starting to eat dry food, and this one was making it a little easier on herself.

Awe, what a great walk down memory lane. . .

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ANDO said...

Happy Easter DAy .
God Bless you and your husband