Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Want My Husband Back

Let me start by saying I appreciate my husband. I appreciate how hard he works, the fact that he is willing to work, and knowing that he wants to support me and support his girls. It means so much to me that he is willing to go the extra ten miles to do what he needs to.

Now that I have said that.

I am disgusted with his work. I want my husband back. There is no reason one man has to work from seven in the morning until ten at night. Hire another freaking person. I can't believe the crap they are putting our family through. I know he loves his job. I know he does an awesome job at it, and that's why he got the promotion. I know they need him. But this is a joke. It's ridicules. And I am downright sick of it.


Timmy said...

I'm sorry. This is a very familiar area! His company (my former company) is very good at exploiting the talent it has to the extreme. Be grateful he is not on salary!!! At least he's getting paid for all that worked time. I'm quite relieved I was able to "leave" that place when I did.

Jade said...

HA! I can't even tell you how much I know what you mean. Only mine involves being out of town for days at a time with no notice....and he thrives on it! He gets totally used and just doesn't seem to care...Really, not spending enough time together always seems to be at the base of any problem or argument we might have. We just spent a solid week together and had ONE grumpy moment when we were both feeling really ill, but when he's not around much, we constantly fuss when he comes home. I really hate it. Ugh, sorry for that mini rant there....

Mike said...

As a husband, father of two boys and sole provider, I agree. I am tired! I love my family more than words can say. I want nothing more than to spend time with them. I do get torn because getting by on 1 income is TOUGH. I'm a freelancer so I can control my time a little but it also means I need to work whenever possible. I do as much as I can to spend as much time as possible with them.

However, especially when I'm really busy, it kills me not seeing my kids except when they're sleeping.

Also take a look at new-insights.net/sensitiveparents

*Mini* said...

Tim- You are right, I AM glad he is on hourly instead of salary. I've already told him if they move him to salary I will be pitching a much bigger fit about it. Right now, the company has to pay for me not having, on salary it wouldn't make a difference. Although, Spencer said he wants Selo to work less hours, because if he keeps this up they will be moving him to salary. So I am hopeful.

Jade- No problem on the rant. Obviously, I completely understand it. I'm having the same one. I hope things get better for you guys, too.

Mike- thanks for your input. It helps to know that the same feelings are on the other side. I enjoyed your website, too. Thanks for the link.