Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 4

Today was . . . interesting. It was difficult at some times, and good at others.

First, Selo and I slept in today. It was so nice to lay there in the hotel and be lazy. But we did get up. We had to check out of the hotel at eleven, so we couldn't stay in bed all day. We got up, packed up, and checked out.

Then we headed to the court house. The hearing was at eleven, and we pulled up just barely before Lizz got there. She knew exactly where she was going once we got inside. Selo and I still weren't exactly sure what the hearing was for, or what was going to take place in there, but Lizz said it was no big deal so we just followed her and hoped for the best.

When the judge called their order (petition?) number, we walked up there and pretended to be ready. lol I don't think anybody was fooled. After a couple of minutes of trying to work things out, the judge gave a short recess for Lizz and Selo to talk about things. They handled what was needed, and were more prepared by the time the judge came back in. (I'm rather embarrassed about how UNprepared we were.) Anyway, Lizz and Selo were able to come to the needed agreements- some with the judges help- and things got accomplished. The judge is going to have the changes added to the petition, and then sent to both Lizz and Selo. Once it gets back to the court with both of their signatures, the judge will sign it and it is finished. We are hoping to have it signed and back by the end of the week. Lizz wasn't happy that we weren't prepared, and that it will take another week, which we understand. If we had understood what the hearing was going to be about, Selo and Lizz could have talked about those certain items ahead of time, and everyone (mainly meaning us) could have been more prepared. But it is now in and approved by the judge and both parties, so that is a huge accomplishment. Thank heavens it worked out, because it could have gotten a lot worse than that!

After the court, Selo and I, and Lizz went back to Lizz's house (in our separate vehicles this time). Selo and I briefly searched for something we thought we had left behind at Lizz's house (nope, we didn't find the phone charger. Hope it's in the suitcase. . .) and she was kind enough to let us change our clothes there. We had a long drive ahead of us and I didn't really want to do it in my business suit. We said goodbye, and hit the road.

The drive home was great. The roads were dry, the sun was out, and traffic was light. We had purchased a converter for the car to plug the laptops into, so Selo was able to get some more work done. (Between the two drives, I think he got in a good ten hours. Yay! That's ten less hours he has to spend at work doing this stuff.) About half way, Selo called the girls. He talked to them for a while, and then got back to work. We stopped only twice, for gas and drinks, and for me to walk. But we made excellent time, too. Going up there, we had about eleven hours of driving time, because of the traffic and how horrible the weather was. On the way back, the driving time was only about seven and a half. The weather made a huge difference!

So now we are home. And SO ready for sleep. It has been a great weekend, and a very exhausting one.

Overall, we feel the weekend went well. Everybody seemed to get along and was very kind to each other. There were a couple of moments of awkwardness, and some tension, but mostly things were okay. Lizz and I were very pleasant with each other, and even had some really good conversations.

As for pictures, they are on their way! Lizz took about 600 pictures over the weekend. She has several that are already edited and ready to be put up, and more that are coming. So hang in there, they will be put up as soon as possible.

The next visit is planned for the weekend of April 25- 27. Not sure exactly what the plans are for that weekend yet, but I have no doubt that visit will be just as great, if not better, than this one turned out to be.

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