Friday, April 4, 2008

eBay Saves The Day- Again

I called a few Verizon stores, and they are charging $30 for the charger to my phone. Not that I am surprised. But I got on eBay, and found it for $4- and that includes shipping. So I am buying one through the store, using it until I get my eBay one, then returning the one to the store. Yes, I already called and talked to the store about this. So, once again, eBay has saved the day. Thanks eBay.


Callia said...

Oh good I'm glad you were able to find a new one for cheap! I keep looking everywhere but it just isn't here. Maybe it got left in the hotel room? Anyway, glad you found a new one :)

*Mini* said...

Oh, I should have clarified that for you. I found the one we were looking for at your house. It was in a weird place, like between the seats in the car, or put into the bathroom stuff in the suitcase. But I found that one and gave it back to MIL the day we got back. The one I'm talking about here was for my phone. I could have sworn I had put it right back where I had it the whole time- front pocket of the big suitcase- but it wasn't there. So I was going off of the same battery power since we got back.