Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So remember when I entered this contest on Crystal's review blog and I won? I got the package today. Well, more specifically, the mail lady got the package already, and I picked it up today. First, this is how the conversation went when I went in to get my mail:

Me: Anything in the back for me? We've been out of town for the weekend.

Mail Lady: If you do, there will be a slip in your box.

Me: Yes, right here.

ML (coming from the back with a little white package in her hand): So . . . um . . what is

Me: It's a website of a friend of mine. I love her to death.

ML: She's a friend of yours? Have you seen that website? Because I looked it up. It's, um, racy. Yeah, really racy.

Me (snickering): Oh, yeah, I've seen the site. This package is from there. I won a contest she had on her blog.

ML: Oh, really? A contest?

(She starts eye balling the package, and I tighten my hold on it.)

Me: Yep. She's such a sweetheart. She'd do anything for anybody.

ML: So . . . What's in the package? I'm dying to know.

Me (holding in my laughter): Oh, well, knowing her, it's something I should open in the privacy of my own home.

The ML slips a hand over her mouth and disappears into the back as if it will make her broken little world right again. The poor, corrupted woman. She's scarred for life.

So, without further adieu, I present to you, The Package.

Inside The Package, were three interesting little gifts.
There was a little card

A lip balm
And, well, my goodness gracious, I believe this is a diaper

Now what in the world will we find inside the diaper? Don't we all want to know?

It's the very prizes that I won in the contest. Thanks Crystal! These fun little jars will be going to my best friend (who just so happens to also be named Crystal). She is due to have her second baby next month. And I know she will appreciate these, because her first one gave her so many problems nursing the baby weaned herself at four months! But I am going to selfishly keep the Better Than Average Lip Balm all to myself. That stuff is great! It went on smooth as silk, doesn't feel waxy at all, and it doesn't taste bad. The best part? The outside says Thank You, so the lip balm itself thanks me for using it every single time.Yep, I'm in love. Oh, the appreciation I've been missing all my life. And it's all thanks to Crystal.

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