Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Selo's GI Appt

Selo had his GI appt today. The doctor feels the medicines he has been on thus far are giving a good response. He can stop one of them whenever he feels ready, and the other he will stop in about six weeks.

However, he has been given a new medication. Selo has been very sick for the last two weeks. He can hold down very little, and for the last two days has been vomiting blood. The doctor feels this is from an ulcer that has been caused by stress. The doctor prescribed a medicine to treat the ulcer, and hopefully clear it up. If the blood doesn't stop in the next day or two, Selo will have to have another scope done.

Selo has another follow-up in a few weeks.

I am afraid. This is the same thing his dad went through. Unfortunately for Selo, he has inherited the same medical condition and stomach problems his dad died from, and Selo's going downhill just as fast as his dad did. His dad passed away less than six months ago, and it looks like Selo is traveling down the same road. . .


Melissa said...

I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

*Mini* said...

Thanks Melissa.