Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For The Love of The Blog

I'm frustrated. Again.

I've been working on my new website. I finally installed wordpress on it, and I installed a template. I was talking to my friend Bobbie yesterday and she asked why I didn't put the duckie template that was made for me on there. I told her I was trying to learn how to edit them myself, and I was editing a different one so I didn't mess up my duckie one.

Today, I gave up. I wanted my duckie one on there. So I go into my Blogger blog that has the duckies on it (this one, obviously) and try to figure out how to get it so I can install it on my new blog. And I have no idea.

I tried to email Lizz to see if she would email me the file I need to install it. Easy, right? Smart, right? Go directly to the source, right? No. My emails keep coming back to me. (I'm beginning to wonder if she has me blocked. . . but I'm too frustrated to worry about that right now.) So I try IMing Misti, because she is living with them still. And she doesn't answer either.

So, now what? How do I get this template, the adorable duckie one behind these very words, and get it on my new blog? How how how?

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Callia said...

Hey, sorry I have not been online like at all lately. I'm having some email and PC issues too. I will hunt down the theme I made for you and zip it and email it to you as soon as I have a chance I'm sorry I haven't been trying to ignore you!!