Saturday, May 10, 2008


Wow, it was fantastic. I had never eaten there before, so when I was given the opportunity a few days ago, I took it.
This is the fantastic Spinach Dip
These are the toast and chips to eat with the spinach dip.This is the oh-so-excellent Double Dip chicken These are the steak fries
And this is the almost southern cole slaw.

Oh this meal was so good. I am all in favor of going back. And for those of you that are wondering- No, I didn't pay a thing for this fantastic meal. Makes the review even better, doesn't it? lol Anyway, I highly recommend GoodWood. I will be going back. Again and again and again . . .


marinifamily said...

We went there recently as well. I liked it pretty well. Rachel is not a big BBQ person so she was kinda ehh about it. It seemed a little pricey too for the serving size. Service was good and the food was good so the rest is just side commentary.

*Mini* said...

I didn't get a chance to try the bbq. I like bbq sometimes, but I'm picky about it. Maybe we will have to go there together and try out again.