Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They Broke Up

It's not the first time, but I am told it will be the last time. Remember me talking about Jill and Tyrel? Well, I guess they broke up.

They have broken up before, but always got back together. They have moved in, moved out, moved other roommates in, moved other roommates out, moved belongings in and out, slept over when they don't live there, blah blah blah. Basically, they have been on and off, but mostly on for the last two years. They have been attached at the hip or hand or lips the whole time.

I am told they got in a really nasty, ugly fight last weekend. A fight that turned physical.

*Begin tangent*

I don't like him. He was mean and hateful and thought he was all that when Jill and I were roommates. He would abuse animals for absolutely no reason, and wonder why I was throwing his sorry butt out of my home. Men that abuse animals, will soon abuse their family's. It's a proven fact. I knew he was violent, but I hate that he did this to Jill. No woman deserves it. Period.

*End tangent*

I guess we will wait and see what happens. For both of their sakes, I hope they are able to move on. They both just changed when they got together. He got all egotistical and was on a permanent power trip. She became defensive and was constantly defending herself. They aren't bad people. I guess some things just don't work out.

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