Saturday, June 7, 2008

Congratulations Kiera and Tyan

Today, my cousin Kiera is getting married! I'm so excited.

Kiera and my sister, Rebeka, have been best friends since they were in first grade. (That's been almost twenty years!) Even though, Kiera is not officially our cousin, our families are very close. Kiera is an amazing woman. She is strong, beautiful, and smart. She knows what she wants and will work her butt off to get it.

I have known Tyan since high school. He was the best friend of a guy I dated. He's always been sure of himself, worked hard, there for his friends and close to his family.

Kiera and Tyan met and started dating about two years ago. The world became a little smaller when I found out the man Kiera was dating so seriously had been the same Tyan I had known for years. They have been inseparable ever since.

And today, they will be joined in marriage. *giggle* Isn't love grand?

PS I'm so sneaky. Click on that picture up there. He he he. Thanks to trish_a_roonie for the picture.


Bobbie said...

Very cleaver!! Congrats to them!!

grassyhill said...

Today was such a long and beautiful day, Kiera looked amazing. Then you for going with me to the wedding, It was nice to have my family there with me as I was helping Kiera get ready...

*Mini* said...

Thanks Bobbie! I had fun with it.

You're welcome, Bek. I was honored to be there. Kiera helped so much with Mom's wedding (finishing touches just before the wedding), helping with my wedding (hair, makeup, and dressing), and with your wedding (couldn't name everything here if I tried!). It was amazing to be there and so close. She looked amazing, Tyan looked great, and they both looked SO happy. It was a fantastic day.