Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He's Driving Again

Yesterday, my baby got his license back. He hasn't driven since his license was medically suspended back in January because of seizures. His neurologist gave the okay for him to get it back. So this morning, he drove us to work! (In my sister's car, because we still don't have one.) Isn't he sexXy, sitting there behind the wheel?


grassyhill said...

HAHAHAHA thats my car!!! yea he drove it today. I am so glad that he got his license back. I know that you both have really been looking forward to when he dose! Now he will be able to help do driving next week!

*Mini* said...

lol Yes that's your car. And yes, we've been looking forward to it. So much! It's a thing of glory for him to have that small piece of independence back. Thanks for helping make it a reality!