Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm All About Advice

And I have found this fantastic website that offers plenty of it- including free advertising suggestions. Check out What I Suggest! to see it.

So, what do I like so much about it?

First, the layout. It's simple, organized, and the colors are awesome. Remember my favorite colors are yellow and gray? Well, this fits the gray. The colors compliment each other well, making it easy on the eyes to read.

Second, the material. Good ideas, useful suggestions, and advice that actually makes a difference. Yes, this is right up my ally.

Now, look at this page: Use the robots.txt fil to control access to your website. We all know I am working on my new website and learning about WP and blogging. This post goes into a little more detail about robots and crawling.

Be aware, though. Some of the stuff on the site is a little different. I don't agree with it all.

However, I did learn while I was there. And that's what I'm out there for.

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