Friday, June 20, 2008


We are going to Lagoon. Tomorrow. For $8 a piece!

This is Lagoon. Tickets are regularly $35. Pricey! But my mom, who is so absolutely great, just got us tickets for $8. This is better than any deal or sale on the side of a soda can. She works for American Express, and her company gets discount tickets to tons of stuff all the time. She called about an hour ago asking if I wanted tickets. Heck yes!

So now, Me and Selo, Tim, Rachel, and Wyatt, and my sister, Kristine are all going to Lagoon tomorrow. Total cost for all six of us? $48. The cost of one and half tickets at regularly price. Can you believe it!

I am so excited. My mom is the best. Absolutely the best. Thanks Mom!


Melissa said...

That is great! I've never been to Lagoon before you'll have to let me know how it is.

*Mini* said...

It was fantastic!