Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PS I Love You

PS I Love You

I loved this movie. Absolutely loved it.

It was a great story. Had background, had future, and kept my attention of what was happening in that very moment. The characters were well developed, had good appearances, and the actors were chosen well for their parts. The story moved along at a nice speed, not going too fast nor lingering unnecessarily. Plus, the ending was fantastic. I could not have thought of a better way for this movie to have ended.

A very sweet love story that had some hilarious moments.

Nothing in the movie made me cringe, disgusted, or want to throw something at the TV. I highly recommend this movie. For everyone.


journeygal said...

I liked it too, although it made me cry at the end! And it made me wish my hubby was Irish. :-)

I like real movies that show people at their worst and best - people fight, dang it! People walk around dancing in boxers and suspenders!

*Mini* said...

I agree! People are real, and I like movies that show real people.

Jade said...

I loved it as well!!!

I was really angry with everyone who was trying to force her to move on. I think most people would understand a little better than that, ya know? I mean jeeze, it hasn't even been a year and he's still communicating with her--who COULD move on in the middle of all that?

*Mini* said...

Not only trying to force her to move on, but getting angry with her for NOT!