Monday, June 9, 2008

Want A Movie? Here's a Free Redbox Code

I love movies. I love to watch them at home, on my couch, snuggled up with my hubby, with a snack and a blanket. But I don't like paying an arm and a leg to rent one.

Say hello to Redbox. Redbox is $1 per movie per night. No late fees, no minimum requirement, and no membership! They have movie rental kiosks in over 8,000 locations like Albertsons and McDonalds. They have all the latest New Releases, and you can even reserve your movie online to pick up at one of their locations.

And now, they have given me one more reasons to love them.

Every Monday I get a code from Redbox for a free movie. Here's the message:

"Redbox free MONDAY rental. CHECK OUT WITH COUPON CODE 6TK2A3. Expires at midnight 06-09-08. Fwd to friends. Call 866.733.2693 for help."

(If you would rather have this code sent to your mobile phone via text messaging, please send me an email. If I don't already have your mobile number, please send it to me in the email. )

So, go have a free movie- on Redbox! See for yourself how many reasons you can find to love Redbox.

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