Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Does Anyone Know?

I'm looking for a calendar or website that can send me email reminders. I want to be able to put in dates to remember- Dr appt in a week, calls meds into pharmacy, send check for phone, ect. I need to be able to receive the reminders by email (or text messaging is okay, too). Anyone have any ideas?


marinifamily said...


Try that. Tons of options!

Rachel said...

My Yahoo email/calendar does this. You can add in calendar events, and then set up the reminders to either email you (to any address) or txt you on your phone. You can tell it to remind you minutes, hours, or days before the due date. Hope that helps!


Jen said...

I use Google. You can set the reminder to either pop up or to e-mail you.

Good luck

*Mini* said...

Thanks guys. I think I will try both, and see which one I like better.