Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let's Talk About Timing

It's a good thing I got all the medical stuff organized the other day. We just got five more bills in the mail. Ugh. I hate bills. But I am so glad to be organized.

Another thing to tick me off, though? I didn't recognize some of these. When I started calling on them, I found out they were back from 2002. 2002! I was pretty mad. That was three full years before Selo and I even started dating. He was still married to his first wife, before his second daughter was born. As of now, it's been almost six years. Not a single payment was ever made on them. Not one. WTH?! What were they thinking?

I won't let it keep hurting our credit, though. I'm taking care of the bills that happened while we were married first, and then I will start on those. I don't want my credit negatively affected by their problems any more than it has to be. Regardless of what the reasons were that it wasn't paid back then, it's going to get paid off now. I spoke with the people in the collections agency, and although they legally can't talk to me about the bills because it happened while he was married to his previous wife, they will let me handle the payment on them. They also said they completely understand with taking care of our bills first, then cleaning up the "mess from the past", as it was so kindly put. Selo and I talked about it, and he agress it needs to be taken care of. So, I've added them to the list of what Selo and I will be paying.

Thank heavens for being organized. Thank heavens for being knowledgeable and staying on top of things. And, I'm glad to have the motivation to get all of this taken care of. I feel much more in control when I know what is going on and we have a plan to get it taken care of.

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Melissa said...

This must be so frustrating but it is great that you are taking care of it now.