Monday, July 21, 2008

So Be It

I am all for having friends. But when that friends does something that goes against my marriage, then so be it for whatever happens. I am 100% faithful to my husband. Period.

[16:38] AY: hey there
[16:38] selosmini: hi
[16:38] AY: how is the world most beautiful ladie doing?
[16:39] selosmini: I was fine until that.
[16:39] AY: lol
[16:39] AY: just layin
[16:39] AY: playin*
[16:39] selosmini: A, I don't mind being your friend and talking, but saying things like that makes me uncomfortable.
[16:39] selosmini: I appreciate the compliment, but I am married.
[16:39] AY: im not trying to hit on you
[16:39] AY: i know you are married
[16:39] AY: and i am glad you
[16:40] AY: are married
[16:40] selosmini: Well, if my husband were to read that (and he does read my convos sometimes, I don't hide anything from him) it would make us both a little weird about me talking to you.
[16:40] AY: well fine
[16:40] AY: i will stop talking to you
[16:40] selosmini: That's not what I said.
[16:40] AY: cause i am like that with all the ladies i talk too
[16:40] AY: but fine whatever
[16:40] selosmini: But if that's what it takes, then so be it.
[16:41] Meebo Message: AY is offline
[16:41] selosmini: I don't mind being your friend, but I will not allow anyone- friend included- to make me or my husband uncomfortable.

Bye A. I will miss your friendship. But it's not worth harming my marriage for.


grassyhill said...

Good Job!!!

Heidi said...

Stick with your gut - you know best. If he is willing to cross your lines,imagine what he will do otherwise. I was just posting about this kind of subject (guy/girl relationships).

*Mini* said...

Thanks girls. Even if he really meant it as harmless and it was nothing to him, it would have been something to my husband. And my husband is who matters to me most. Marriage is wonderful, but it takes a lot to keep a marriage strong. I'm choosing my marriage and my husband over anyone else. That's what I committed to when we said "I do".

grassyhill said...

Hey Sis~ I wanted to let you know that I have tAgGeD you... come and take a look!

Bobbie said...

Wow... what an ackward convo. I hope you didn't LOSE a friend, but good for sticking up for yourself!!

Melissa said...

I have had a couple incidents like that. It made me very uncomfortable.

Domestic Divapalooza said...

If that was somebody that I didn't know who was just trying to hit me up with a conversation on yahoo IM, then I would have just ignored him.

BUT, if that was somebody that I know personally OR that my husband knows personally then I probably would have taken issue with it.. otherwise it's not even worth chatting with people I don't know unless the conversation is a productive one with legit meaning behind it.

*Mini* said...

This is a guy I know from way back in high school. And he's been asked more than once NOT to say things like this. I guess it's better this way. Now I don't have to deal with it. And I doubt I will be missing much, if he can't have a productive conversation without flirting.

Smirking Cat said...

I'm hopping in really late here, but his comment "I talk to all the ladies like that" lumps all women together into a conglomerate glob and says "I talk to all women like this, whether they like it or not". That's hoggish. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

*Mini* said...

Thanks Smirking Cat. You have a very good point.