Monday, September 1, 2008

It's not a guess if she's knowledgeable. It's a decision.

Selo, on the phone with his mom. I'm sitting next to him.

Selo: Just do the research Mom. Then you can make a guess at which one you want.

Me: It's not a guess if she's done the research. If she's knowledgeable, it's a decision.

Selo looks at me for a minute, then repeats it to his mom.

When he is off the phone, he turns to me and asks: I thought you were sick.

Me: Do I look healthy to you, Babe?

Selo: Well, no. You look like death warmed over.

Me: I don't feel much better, either.

Selo: So where did that come from?

Me: It just seemed logical to me.

Selo: Yeah, sure. All women that are confined in bed, being too sick to even walk, are coming up with brilliant proverbs to help their MILs make good decisions. Sure, Babe. Whatever you say.

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