Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not bad

We went to a little outside party at a friend's house last night. We had dinner and played volleyball. Not in that order, but still. It has been years since I played volleyball, and it was a blast! I picked it up pretty quickly, and man I can serve. lol I was kicking butt. After dinner, there was this cobbler. Mmmmm dutch oven cobbler, oh it was so good.

Work is going well for me. I'm getting busier and busier. For Selo, however, work is getting more frustrating. Some people are such jerks, and he is working with a hateful one.

My kid sister has a boyfriend. It's so cute to see them together. His family and my family have been good friends since we moved to Utah, some 20 odd years. It's neat to watch them come together.

  1. House :: Dr

  2. Think :: College

  3. Clot :: Blood

  4. Believe me :: Faith

  5. Fumigation :: Gas

  6. Bore :: Hog

  7. Luck ::

  8. Patient :: Dr

  9. Tremors :: Seizure

  10. Pickles :: Yummy!

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