Monday, October 13, 2008

My Best Birthday Ever

And I have a few to compare it to. More bad than good. But this one was fantastic!

I picked Selo up from the airport around 11:30. It was so nice to hug him and feel his skin and smell his scent and know he was sitting next to me and . . . well, you get the point. I was so glad to have him back.

We took off from the airport and started the drive to Montana. Selo slept as soon as the car started rolling, and I downed one of those 5 hour enegery shots. I drove for about four hours, then pulled over to get some sleep. Selo woke up, and decided he would take over. Well, as soon as I climbed into the passenger seat, I started getting sick. I stayed sick the entire rest of the drive up there. And it became a very long drive when we hit the weather. Snow and ice and wind. Selo was so nice every time I raised my head enough to ask him to pull over- again. I would jump out, take care of business (ew), jump back in the car, and try to fall asleep before I got sick again. After about an hour and a half I didn't have much left for my body to get rid of, and I fell asleep. Selo drove the rest of the way to get us there.

We got to Misti's around nine or so. I video-ed Selo knocking on the door and the girls opening it. They were all so excited. We went in, visited for about an hour, and then took off to iHop for breakfast. It was nice to sit and relax for a few minutes. After everyone was full and content, we took off for the Children's Museum. We spent hours there, doing everything we could. And we took so many pictures and videos. Everyone was going here and going there and laughing and smiling and playing and being noisy and just plain having a blast.

After the Children's Museum, we split up. Selo took Katie and went to Kreate A Kritter, for her birthday present. Misti and I took the rest of the kids to the Carousel (where she rode and I watched), and then to the Dragon Hollow Playarea (bottom of the page). Once the kids were done playing we piled them back into the car to go home. On the way home, we stopped by Will's so Misti could give him a key, went to the dollar store so they could pick out a toy, and Albertson's to get food for dinner and the birthday cake.

We got home, and settled down for a few. I crawled into our blankets that we had dumped into the middle of Misti's front room and conked out. By the time I woke up, Will was sitting in the chair, Lizz was standing in the kitchen, and Selo and Katie had gotten back and Katie was showing off her new bears. Lizz soon left, Katie put up her bears, and Misti sent the kids outside to play until dinner was done. I crawled up onto the couch and snuggled with my husband. It turned out to be a really good time, and the four of us were very comfortable with each other. I was surprised how comfortable we all were. It makes me wonder why things were so bad before.

The next morning, we all layed around in the front room, and did nothing. It was great. Lizz called and said she would be picking the girls up around ten. Selo and Katie started whispering to each other, and then said they were going outside for a minute. They had these big cheesy grins on their faces, so we all knew something was up. When they came back in, Katie handed me a box. They had gotten ME a Kreate A Kritter for my birthday! It was this super cute yellow duck with orange feet. In the box was the outside, the stuffing, the certificate, the instructions, and the wishing star. I sat there with all the kids and stuffed it. I passed it around and had everyone make sure it was just right. Then Katie walked me through the Wishing Star Ceremony. It was so sweet, she is seriously such a great kid. I absolutely loved it. I think I was grinning as big as all the kids.

We said goodbye to the girls, and they left. Then we packed up our stuff, loaded the car, said goodbye to Misti and Chey and Nick, and hit the road. The drive home wasn't nearly as bad as the drive up there. Selo started, got us through most of the bad weather, and then I took over for the last few hours. And I wasn't sick at all! Thank heavens, because I don't know if I could have handled another trip like that. And we did say our prayers of thanks, too, that we got home safely.

We had a fantastic visit. I loved spending my birthday up there with all of them. And I look forward to the opportunity to do it again. Misti was so nice and welcoming and accommodating. Will was even nice. And spending the time with all the kids- not just Katie and Natalie, but also with all of them- was great. Absolutely great. This has been the best birthday of my life so far.

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