Monday, January 5, 2009


Selo's phone is still MIA. We've looked online and checked around stores to purchase another one, but we are looking at about $250.

The car is still throwing a tantrum. On Christmas Eve, one of the pulleys broke. Selo has replaced the pulley (after the shop finally getting the part in, what were they waiting for? The new year?), but the alarm is getting in the way now. When he puts the key in, the alarm goes off. The alarm disables the car, so he can't turn it on. Since he can't turn it on, he can't stop the alarm. So the Jetta is still sitting where it died. We might have a plan to get it fixed, but it's going to cost. "Get it fixed" means towing it in, having all the tumblers replaced, having the ignition replaced, and having a keyless entry key made to disarm the alarm. We're looking at about $400.

We are going to the dentist tomorrow. I am so hoping things will go well there, because I'm pretty stressed out right now.

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