Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Wonderful Weekend

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? I'm sure I have, but let me say it again. I love that man. Yesterday, he took me out on another date. A special date.

First, we met Mike and Sharon (his bro and SIL) to go to the open house of the beautiful new Draper Temple. It was as breath-taking as it looks in the picture! The whole experience was a good one, from loading on the shuttle bus to the documentary about the new temple and Draper city to the missionaries available to speak with after the silent tour.

After the tour, the four of us went and saw "He's Just Not That Into You". Sharon and I got the tickets while Mike and Selo got Pei Wei for us. One of the many reasons we love the Jordan Commons theatre is because they encourage us to take food in the theatre. The screen is awesome, the seating is comfortable and able to see anywhere, the theatre is huge.

It was great to spend time with Mike and Sharon, too. I consider myself pretty blessed when it comes to my in-laws. In all of his family, the only one I don't get along with (which happens to be the same one nobody else gets along with either) is no longer part of the family. They are wonderful people. Mike and Sharon are the ones we have spent the most time with lately, and it has been a blast to be with them.

Today we had a good day too. We woke up and went to breakfast. There's just something about pancakes, hash browns, and sausage that I can't turn down. After breakfast we stopped by Office Depot because they are shutting the store down and having huge sales. We walked out of there spending only $200 and getting a long list: a tall corner bookshelf, a tall half size bookshelf, a tall full size bookshelf, a gel wrist guard, and a bunch of little things like chapsticks and hand sanitizers that were .60 a piece. It was fantastic! Loading it all in the car was a bit of a challenge though. We went to the grocery store, and ended up getting more food but spending less than I'd planned.

We are both excited to put up the bookshelves. They are a nice cinammon cheery wood color, and will look stunning with our entertainment center. It will do wonderful for our front room, since it will help us get so much more organized.

We've decided we are going to skip Valentine's Day. With his birthday two weeks before and our anniversary three weeks after, Valentine's Day is more in the way for us than anything else. We don't need a special day to show we love each other- we do it about every weekend lol

Well, I'm going to keep working on our Vegas trip posts- I'm still getting them written and the pictures added- since Selo went to a friends house to play with computers and networks. I hope you all have had a great weekend.


Melissa said...

I went to the Draper Open House last Thursday. I agree, it is so beautiful!

journeygal said...

Sounds fun! I haven't seen pictures of the Draper temple, I'll have to look it up. How did you like the movie? I saw it this weekend too and thought it was cute. Lucky you - my hubby wouldn't see it and I had to go with a girlfriend!!! Although I actually think he would have liked it if he had given it a try!