Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 8 in LV - Saturday

On Saturday, we didn't do much besides pack and go home. We had lunch at a little place near the resort, where Sue ordered really fancy water and played some video poker. When we got back to SLC, we went with Beka and Andy the The Cheesecake Factory. And finally, when Selo and I were home, and crawled into our own bed, we snuggled with our kitty, who thought she had been abandoned and couldn't have purred louder if she tried. It was a great trip.

This is the fancy water that Sue ordered. And Selo and I toasting to it lol
This is Sue playing video poker.

This is Nobi in her new bed. She stayed at my mom's while we were gone, and Mom gave us the bed because Nobi liked it so much. Even now, while I'm writing this out, Nobi is sleeping in it.

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