Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our New Baby

Days spent: 5
Hours per day: 6
Dealerships visited: 30
Dealerships stopped at: 12
Salesmen worked with: 8
Vehicles looked at: 60+
Vehicles test driven: 20
Vehicles taken home for overnight test: 3

A beautiful 2008 Suzuki Forenza. She had 6800 miles when we signed the papers. She has everything I wanted- 4 doors, back seat big enough to fit two car seats, 2005 or newer, less than 30k miles, high safety rating, good insurance, excellent on fuel, and an extended bumper to bumper warranty. Payments are completely within our budget at $250 per month. We decided she would be mine, and Selo would continue to drive the Jetta. So, I got some accessories for her, too. Thanks to, I got this entire set- two seat covers, two seat belt covers, a steering wheel cover, and a cd visor- all for $5.

Determination, patience, dedication, and hard work have paid off in this situation. We are counting our blessings. We couldn't be happier.


Elizabeth said...

I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I'm just thrilled that you got the promotion, that you can get the new car, everything! It's karma, Marie. The Universe is paying you back for everything you've been through in the last year :)

*Marie* said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I am really appreciative that we have this vehicle. It's like a breath of fresh air to be able to get in and know we will not only make it where we are going, but enjoy the ride as well. My new position has been such a fun one. It's so diverse! I am much happier now than I was even a month ago.