Thursday, March 5, 2009

PMS is good for something

So many bad things happen when a woman is PMSing. But today, good things happened in my house. I've been PMSing for days, and today was a scheduled day off for me from months ago. I took my aggression out on my house. I cleaned and vacuumed the front room. I cleaned the bathroom. I vacuumed the hallway and part of the bedroom. I scrubbed the kitchen. As in the counters, stove, and even hands and knees on the floor. I have been working for hours. And I admit, it's nice to look around me and see my house sparkle at the work I've put into it. We aren't exactly messy people, but my house is cleaner than it has been in months. Selo keeps telling me there's a little bambino in my belly, and that's what's making me act like this- sound like nesting to anyone else?- but I'm not at that point yet. Anyway, back to cleaning. I still have the bedroom and laundry to do. I can't wait for Selo to come home from work.

Random thought of the day- anyone else tired of hearing about best diet supplements and body cleansing?

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