Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another day, another charger, another joyful ride -- Added another picture

The Thursday before we went on our cruise, our car went into the shop. Thankfully, we were smart and purchased the warranty when we bought it. That has been a blessing in so many ways, but specifically two ways right now. First, we are paying $50 to have the cup holder replaced, the speaker replaced, an light checked out, and most importantly the transmission replaced. Yes, the entire transmission is being replaced. And we are paying $50. Secondly, part of our warranty is that we get the use of a rental vehicle while our vehicle is in the shop. As of yesterday, it would still be at least a week before we had our car back. (Poor car.) That would have left us without a vehicle for over two weeks. Ouch. But, as I said, thankfully, our warranty covers a rental vehicle for us. So my husband went and picked it up. Last time, we were given a Dodge Nitro. This time, we got a Dodge Charger. (I think they have a thing for Dodges.) Selo is in heaven all over again. He loves these things. And I must admit, when we had one last week (we rented it to get us around before and after the cruise), it was a lot of fun. We also had one in January when we went to Nevada. They are beautiful, classy, and as much fun as they look. Here is a picture of one that looks just like the one sitting in front of our house.ETA: I wanted to add a picture of Selo in the charger. He's so sexXy with his new sunglasses on. lol

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Jade said...

Oh wow Ryan would die of jealousy! We couldn't seem to get away from them when we were car shopping.