Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Speech

I have heard the chaos about President Obama giving a speech to the nation's school age children. I held off forming my final opinion until I read the speech for myself.

Here is the speech

I am impressed. Not only am I impressed that our president would take the time out of his day running the country to speak to our children, I am impressed by his speech. I feel motivated and encouraged by it, and I'm not even in school.

I am disappointed in parents that would not want their children to participate in such a moment. Why would any parent NOT want that encouragement for their children encouraged to stay in school and do their best? It is an honor for the president to give such a speech. Instead of creating hate, and teaching children not to listen when the president speaks, parents should be teaching their children what an honor it is and encourage them to take on the responsibilities of doing their best and knowing they are our future.

I'll finish with this. My hope is that our children will stay in school, will work hard, will set goals, and will accomplish much. And when they have children of their own, they will be open-minded, respectful, and encouraging when the president of their day wants to give an equally encouraging speech.

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