Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not a good morning

I woke up to find my alarm hadn't gone off. Going to be late for work.

I rolled over to get out of bed, and my nose started bleeding.

The blood upset my already finicky stomach. We meet again, porcelain god.

The vomiting made my nose worse, and it started all over again.

I feel like this happened. Tomorrow morning, I vote for this.

(Thankfully, my husband took over and got things under control. Stopped the bleeding, the sickness, and the tears. Then he put me back to bed to calm down, and get some cuddles.)


Bobbie said...

Aww I'm sorry today was a rough start! Surely there has to be a silver lining to today? Here's to hoping tomorrow is SOOOO much better!!

*Marie* said...

Silver lining . . . um . . . that it's over? lol