Friday, November 6, 2009

Doing great

In today's market, finances have a lot of people struggling. Selo and I have had our moments, as well. But I am pleased to say, I think we are going to make it. We had a pretty good savings stash before Selo was laid off, and we were very strict about where our money was going, in order to prepare for going down to one income for a while. That is really what has saved us so far. Not only have we been able to keep up with our monthly expenses, but we have recently paid off two bills, and are about to pay off a third. That's going to leave us with a car payment and an ownership payment and that's it. That puts us within the budget of being able to live off of one income- and my income at that. At this rate, we will still be ahead when Selo starts working at his new job. Then, we will continue to live off of my income for the time I am working, while we use his to rebuild our savings, and pay off those last two debts. When the baby is born, we will be prepared and used to living on one income. With that in mind, we would have our car paid off within the next two years, and our ownership within two years of that. AND we will have a down payment for a home within the next year and a half. All of this with a baby on the way. I can't believe how blessed we have been. Even being one of the millions that have become unemployed during this time, we are going to come out of it without much more than a shake. We both consider ourselves very blessed to have been able to prepare ahead of time, and re-organize our finances to fit into one income. Just goes to show it pays to plan, it pays to prepare, it pays to pay your tithing, and it pays to really know your finances and your options.

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Wow.. that is so awesome!