Monday, November 2, 2009

eBay makes my life easier

I love eBay! Selo and I have some big stuff going on right now, and eBay is giving some much needed ease.

One of the big moments we are focusing on is his mom's wedding. We're down to two months, and I'm in a planning frenzy. I don't think she realized how much needs to be done between now and then! Thankfully, I got going last night, and we got on eBay to get some wedding stuff. She now has a checklist to work from, with daily assignments from me. We have purchased her veil and some wedding glam on eBay, and we are going tonight to look for centerpieces, backdrops, and decorations. I think she's a lot more organized.

And can I say how much fun this is? I never wanted to be a wedding coordinator, but I'm really having a blast! To see her get so excited when I show tell her I can make her veil, or to give her quotes on photographers that I've found, or to see her smile when she shows me her dress. It makes all the work and the chaos totally worth it.

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