Monday, July 18, 2011

Mealtime Makeover - the planning stage

I love to cook, and my household loves to enjoy food. Lately, however, we've been in a food rut. Cooking seems the same, and we aren't thrilled with our meals anymore. So, we decided to give another Dave Ramsey program a shot- eMealz.

Today, I purchased a 3 month membership for $12.50, using the code Dave to get $2.50 off. (I'm all about being gazelle intent, ya know.) I selected the standard meal plan for 4-6 people. I figured that would suit our evening meal for the four of us, and give a lunch or two for the next day since 2 of those eaters have very small stomachs. I downloaded the meal plan and got ready to show DH when he got home.

DH and I discussed the meals, making appropriate changes. For example, he is allergic to fish, so we changed the Grilled Fish Tacos to beef tacos, attempting to keep all the other details and ingredients the same.

Then, I made our shopping lists. I made one list for Costco, and one for the grocery store, removing items we wouldn't need (the fish from the tacos we changed, decided on crescent rolls instead of dinner rolls since we have a bunch in the fridge already, etc). And since the shopping list provided by eMealz is for the meals they plan only, I added our breakfast and lunch items, such as adding blueberry muffin mix for breakfast and increasing the tomatoes and lettuce amounts for BLTs.

So far . . .
  1. Getting the plan couldn't be easier. Log in, download, and there it is. It takes me longer to get to my email.
  2. Simple simple simple layout for the recipes, a breakdown of the food for that meal, and the directions for creating.
  3. Variety of the meals. It's not all one nationality or meat type. There is American, Italian, Breakfast for dinner, Salads, etc. This will most definitely add variety back into our meals.
  1. I feel the writing on the shopping list is too small and cramped. I like the option of editing lists, and this doesn't give an editable (is that a word?) feel. But someone that plans to make the meals as-is won't have this problem.
  2. I would have liked the option of altering a plan based on allergies. Each week includes one fish meal. But we will probably take that night off for sandwiches or one of our current favorite recipes.

I'm looking forward to my shopping trip tomorrow. I haven't decided yet if I want to start the plan tomorrow or next week, but either way I'm looking forward to it.

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Val said...

Let me know how it goes. I'm always looking for new recipes.