Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bye Bye Facebook

Yep, I did. I requested to delete my facebook account. I got tired of feeling so exposed, and feeling that I had to log in to facebook to feel connected. In 14 days - well 13 now - my profile will be deleted. I am feeling relieved already.


Val said...

Good for you Marie? How does one go about deleting their Facebook account. Do you have to sent the people an email or something?

*Marie* said...

I posted a week ago on my profile that I was deleting it, so that everyone on my friends list would know it was coming. Then, today, I googled "how to delete my facebook profile". The hits provided a link to request cancelation. As long as I don't log into my account from any computer or device for fourteen days, it will be deleted after the fourteen days. It was much easier than I expected.