Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am getting back to normal. Thank heavens! This weeks has been a hard one for Hubby and I, so I am relieved to begin a comfortable boring week this week.
I am glad for school tomorrow. I haven't done any school work for a week, and I am really looking forward to it. I miss the dedication and hard work to accomplish a goal.
Loni is the chief of our newspaper staff. She wrote me and asked me to do a personal interview with someone that is coming to speak at our campus. Oh how I would have loved to do it! That is exactly the direction I love to go with my writing. Sadly, though, I had to turn it down. I work during the time the interview was scheduled. As much as I would love to have the newspaper and writing first in my life, I must work to be able to attend school, so work must be my priority. But I am honored and pleased that I was singled out above everyone else on the staff to be offered the opportunity. How great is that?!
I think everyone has or has had a blogspot. I have noticed, lately, that blogspot is growing. My friends are joining blogspot for their personal and family blogs. My web host has had a blogspot for a business and technical blog. My school has a blogspot focusing on the treatment and prevention of drug abuse. Maybe I just never noticed before, but I hadn't realized how diverse and how many different people and organizations really use blogspot.
My family took me out for my birthday yesterday. We went to a little coffee shop and had a nice laid back lunch. I love dressing up and stuff, but it's so nice to be able to relax and just have fun. While we were there, they gave me some gifts. Can I just say I love my step-mom, Judy? She gives the best presents. She gave me a cake pan, with a lid with handles. I had been looking for a nice cake pan, and she got a really nice one for me! She also gave me . . . drum roll, please. . . a box of books! Now *you* may not be impressed by this, but I certainly am. See, Judy shares my love for reading. We both could close the world out any day of the week and spend it buried in the pages of a book. So to have been given an entire box packed full of books was a most appreciated treasure.
In the crazy week I just had, I forgot to tell you what Hubby gave me for my birthday. Yes, I know, how could I? Anyway, he gave me a card. It was so sweet. And when he gave it to me, he told me to read it out loud. Here's what it says: (on the outside) To My Wife In case you were wondering- I notice. . . (on the inside) I notice how hard you work to make things the best they can be. I notice how much you give, never expecting anything in return. I notice that you never forget to play or laugh or love or make me feel important. . . And in case you were wondering, I notice how incredible you are at being a wife and still finding time to be my friend. Happy Birthday Love Always (then in his own loving handwriting) You have helped me grow more than you know. For you, here is a sweetness to show how sweet you are (in which he handed me my favorite candy bar) and something comfortable to show you how your love comforts me (in which he handed me some comfy pants). To my Wife, my Lover, my friend, and companion, for time and all eternity. Your loving Husband, yours Always, (insert Hubby's name here). Awe <3>
Hubby found the camera :D Don't know where he found it, considering I looked everywhere I could think of, but I am grateful all the same. I am glad to be able to be camera happy again. It's like I won't remember anything if I don't have 16 shots of it lol I bet my children will love that!
I want to take a few pics or videos of the kittens for you. I put a collar with a bell on Sarabi the other day, and she went crazy. Not bad "get this off of me or I'm going to hate you forever" type crazy. More like "wow check out this great toy Mama just got for me" type crazy. She was a funny kitten to watch already, but she is hilarious with that collar on. Hi-lar-ree-ous I tell you. They are both doing well with potty training. They both know exactly what they are doing, but Sarabi is so dang stubborn. She had Hubby so frustrated today he wouldn't even touch her. That hurt her feel-bads, I'm telling you. That kitten would do almost anything to have his approval, and he loves her like nothing else. I'm just glad I don't have to compete with the kitten for his attention, or I would be in trouble! He is so good to both of them, and so helpful in taking care of them. I know, I know, I sound crazy. But it's my life, and I am happy. I love watching him with them. Anyway, back to the potty training. We are almost ready to move to the next step. Last time, we weren't really sure if they were ready for it, but we did it anyway. Big mistake. This time, we are both positive they are ready for it. Plus, they are now big enough to jump from the floor up to the toilet without needing "stair-steps" all the way up there. That will make a big difference.
My flowers are so pretty. I have been taking such good care of them, and it is showing. The ones in the front yard are coming back to life and blossoming. The one in the kitchen window (the one Hubby gave me "just because") is looking more beautiful than ever. And my plant outside is *almost* ready to be re-planted. I am just waiting a few more days before I move it to the bigger planter. Then I will move the window flowers to that planter, so it can continue growing. Ahhh, the love of fresh plants and flowers. Pull the curtains back, and enjoy how beautiful it is.
Okay now that I have rambled on forever, and my legs are going numb, I'm going to end here. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and have lots of happy moments!

PS I am finally learning enough HTML to do something with it. Yay! See that link in the post above? Yeah, I did that. Without looking. That means I am making progress. Go Me.


Angela said...

I'm so glad to see that things are starting to turn around for you.

melissaclee said...

That is such a sweet note your husband wrote to you. Every wife would love a note like that!

Veloxe said...

Haha, selo is one smooth operator I'll give him that XD

Now on the cat thing I am a bit confused. Are you actually teaching the cats to use the toilet? I've seen it done before and I wish I had of done it with our cats (future cats I'm going to try it) but that just makes life so much easier if they go in the people area...

Mini said...

Angela- Thank you. Me, too. It's nice to be back in the swing of things.

Melissa- I am very blessed to have him <3

Veloxe- Yes, he is. And yes, we are! As crazy as it sounds, we are training our cats to use the toilet. They are picking it up just fine. It just takes time and commitment. And it will be SO worth it.