Friday, October 12, 2007

Sniff, Sniff. No Way.

Sitting at my computer, minding my own business, playing my game. Hubby is next to me, playing the same game. Naala is attempting- again- to get to my ice cream bowl. Sarabi had just jumped into Hubby's lap and was settling down.

Hmmm, something isn't right.

Me: sniff, sniff

Him: sniff, sniff

Me: sniff, sniff "Um, Babe?:

Him: "It wasn't me. It was Sarabi."

Me: "Yes, I know it was Sarabi. That's not the problem."

Him: "What's the problem?"

Me: "Why is it here, and not in the bathroom?"

Him: "I don't know. Is it under the bed?"

Me: "I don't know. She's your cat. Why don't you look?"

Him: "Because you are on the outside, and I would have to crawl over you to get out."

Me: "Oh."

So I get out of my chair and begin the search. Since I enjoy giving them the benefit of the doubt, and simply closing the door until the litter box no longer becomes lethal, I start with the bathroom.

Me: "It's not in the box, Babe."

Him: "That's not good. Are you sure?"

Me: "Well I didn't exactly dig around in it."

I grab a flashlight, and begin looking under the beds.

Me: "It's not under this one. And not under this one either."

Him: "I don't know if she actually pooped. It might have just been a fart."

Me: "First of all, something that toxic should not be in an animal that small. It could kill her. Second, she was standing on the back of your chair. That means she would have placed her little rear end as close to us as she could have gotten it, before releasing her deadly gift. She's a cat, I don't know that she is that intelligent."

I am now searching under chairs, tables, behind couches, ect. And still no proof that what we are smelling really exists.

Him: "I really think she just farted."

Me: "You're crazy."

Him: "Maybe. But you know I'm right."

The search ended there.

Him: "Maybe she's mad because we won't share our ice cream with her."

Me: "Maybe I should take her to a vet. That's just not normal."

Hubby's little SBD kitten is now sleeping like an angel ever so peacefully on the couch. Far away from the gift she left us.


Veloxe said...

I wouldn't doubt it, we have had 4 different cats (down to 2 now) and one of them has been given the nickname: Stinky. This is due to her lethal farts (I'm serious!). The other female cat we still have with us also farts every now and then but it isn't nearly as bad, but it still smells awful.

I don't know why the cats keep that kind of weapon hidden...may work pretty well for self defense in the wild I would think XD

Brittany said...

Cats actually are that intelligent. My friend Bekah had a cat that would wait until I came over for a sleepover to kindly wipe his butt across my face as I slept. Bekah saw him a few times.

Ashwin said...

Hahahaha that was really funny and by the way I liked the way you wrote the post :)