Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Glamour of Vegas

Vegas, to me, is just Vegas. I grew up in Utah and was at Vegas all the time. Once I was old enough, I took a trip there with my best friend, Bryan. We went all over the city. We gambled in hotels in Las Vegas. We shopped in the malls in Las Vegas. We walked the Strip in Las Vegas. It was fun, but it was just another place to me. The vacation with my best friend and without parents was the enjoyable part. I remember well how the lady at the hotel we stayed in tried to convince us to get married. We almost did, actually. We talked about it. We had the money for it (yeah, like it costs a whole lot!) Eventually, we just got bored with the idea, and let it go. I probably would have married him though. Bryan was the classy, fashionable, accepting, passionate, hard working, fabulous, beautiful, protective, motivating, helpful, do-anything-in-the-world-for-you best friend. I never had a friend like him before. . . and I probably never will again.


journeygal said...

Friends like that are hard to come by! If you only get one or two in your life, it's a blessing, don't you think?

Mini said...

Yes, yes, I do agree.